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3D Mammography in Hattiesburg, MS

3-D mammography is a powerful tool in breast cancer detection.

In fact, studies show that 3-D mammograms are seven percent more accurate than traditional mammograms. Here’s what you need to know about 3-D mammograms. The board-certified OBGYNs at Women’s Pavilion of South Mississippi have extensive experience performing 3-D mammograms to accurately diagnose signs of breast cancer. Call (601) 268-9393. to schedule an appointment at our office in Hattiesburg or Ellisville today!

What is a 3D Digital Mammogram?

By using technology similar to CT Scans, 3-D mammograms provide three-dimensional, detailed images of the breast. To see the breast from every angle, the machine moves around the breast, taking multiple X-rays. The images are then formed into 3-D on a computer.

Benefits of 3D Digital Mammography

3-D mammograms provide specific benefits to patients, including:

  • Improved Accuracy. 3D mammograms produce clear, full breast images. Therefore, radiologists are able to distinguish harmless abnormalities from potentially cancerous abnormalities. This results in fewer call backs and less stress for the patients.
  • Easier Detection. 3D mammograms make it easier for physicians to carefully examine each one millimeter layer of breast tissue to more accurately pinpoint shape and location of breast cancers.
  • Earlier Detection. Physicians who use 3D mammograms are able to detect smaller tumors earlier on. If breast cancer is caught in its early stages, patients are less likely to need extensive surgery or chemotherapy.

Who needs a 3D Mammogram

Younger women with dense breasts benefit the most from 3D mammography. However, all women who are getting regular mammograms should try a detailed, 3D mammogram.

Learn more about 3D Mammography

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