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6 Great Reasons to Get Juvederm® Treatments

Not all dermal fillers are created equal. In fact, each of them are specially designed with a specific texture, density, and injection depth in mind.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery has a little bit of advice to give about Juvederm® and ideal situations for its use:

  1. You want to smooth chin wrinkles
  2. Filling acne scars
  3. Smooth under your eyes
  4. Soften nasolabial folds
  5. Plump your lips
  6. Smooth marionette lines

Why Choose Juvederm®?

Juvederm Cosmetic TreatmentsJuvederm® possesses many benefits. This particular type of filler is gel based, which gives patients an incredibly natural look. This allows for a subtle change in the appearance of the face rather than a more drastic difference that you may see with a cosmetic surgery, and all for a fraction of the price that a surgical procedure would cost.

Even though Juvederm® is not a surgical procedure, its results are still long-lasting. Typically, you can expect a single Juvederm® treatment to last upwards of 6-12 months.

Best Candidates for Juvederm® Treatments

Many patients are eligible for Juvederm®, as it is a low-risk cosmetic treatment option that is not associated with many allergic reactions that you may see with other types of fillers. However, the absolute best candidates for Juvederm® treatments include individuals that:

  • Are physically healthy
  • Are non-smokers
  • Are committed to maintaining good skin health

If you are looking to reduce harsh lines and wrinkles of the face, but are not ready to undergo a surgical procedure, Juvederm® may be right for you. Schedule an appointment at one of the four Women’s Pavilion of South Mississippi locations to learn more about this incredible cosmetic treatment by calling our main office today at (601) 268-9393.